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Professional Advice knows that is tough starting out with your small business. And we are committed to make it affordable for small business and or start ups to be able to advertise, at prices they can afford.

We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable working on their own listing, or prefer a professional to do that work, or their maybe certain customize parts that would call for one of us to do the work for you.  On this cases, the Platinum Plan is the plan for you.

You can take advanatge of ALL the premium features of the Gold Plan, but let our professionals do the work for you.  You must provide the material we will need or answer questions regarding your listing so we can put together the best possible listing.  If you don’t have a logo, we can prepare a basic logo for you at no cost to you.  The Platinum Plan comes with one proof reading review and one correction per listing.   After that you are still able to make corrections manually yourself.

Plan Premium Features

The Platinum Plan includes a professional built business listing, for one year with all premium features included. All listings will be searchable in this website’s search engine as well as commonly used search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Price Transparency Note: The price quoted for this plan is the yearly (365 days) cost of the plan minus any ongoing offers or discounts. You will also be charge the current Texas Sales Tax at the time of purchase.


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