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Innovative Crawlspace LLC Claimed

Where providing crawlspace solutions is what we do !!!

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The importance of your crawl space is more than most people give it credit for. It can have a great impact on your health and even your wallet.  Keeping your crawl space in good condition, not only can keep you healthy, but it can save you extra cash on on those energy bills, and even increases the value of your home as well.

With Innovative Crawlspace LLC, you no longer need to worry about a damp, messy, and pest-ridden crawl spaces.

We normally do not associate the indoor air quality with our crawl spaces. And that is why is good for you to learn that your crawl space is responsible for nearly half of your indoor air.

Other factors to consider when considering our cleanup services are:

  • Stable temperatures in your home
  • Minimizes your pest control problems
  • Increased comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Extra storage space

If your living in the humid oceanic climates of the East Coast of the United States, you should be aware that excess moisture can do a number on your crawl space.

Breathing problems, mold, other unpleasant odors, damage to your structure a many other problems can emerge from the prolong exposure to moisture.

Encapsulating and insulating your crawl space, can help you prevent these types of problems. And save you money on unnecessary repairs long term.

Realizing that your entire house’s structural integrity is or could be in danger, can be overwhelming. That’s why our specially trained professionals are here to help you diagnose and remediate structural damage. A timely diagnosis of the problem can often save you thousands of dollars.

The longer you wait to identify a problem in your crawlspace, the more damage that high humidity, water, or pests like termites and rodents can cause to the structure in your crawl space or basement. These types of damage should be addressed immediately to ensure your and your family’s safety and to lower the cost of repairs.

Commonly asked questions...

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and personal checks, money orders.

Yes, we required a standard 30% deposit to start any work.

Yes, we offer free scheduled estimates.

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This is a professional, and independent evaluation by Professional Advice, as business consultant.  The contractor, Innovative Crawlspace LLC was found to be trustworthy, and professional small busines. It uses quality materials at reasonable pricing.  It offers a responsive and engaging customer service.



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