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Moonlight Reviews is a product review and niche website focused on the Americana lifestyle

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Moonlight Reviews is a product review and niche website focused on the Americana lifestyle. In particular, we focus on outdoor excursions and backyard living. Outdoor excursions might include hiking, camping, or beachgoing. Our backyard living focus largely highlights the best fire pits, grills, smokers, and outdoor furniture. We are all about getting outdoors and enjoying life with loved ones.

We believe the human spirit is full of adventure. Sometimes that spirit is dimmed by our daily obligations and the craziness of this world we live in, but the spirit is still there.

Our goal at Moonlight Reviews is to provide you with helpful information to help you enjoy that adventure in life. This site includes product reviews to help keep you informed and informational articles to help you along the way.

We’ve organized articles on this site into four primary categories, including Active Wear, Outdoor Gear, Backyard Basics, and Home Sweet Home. Each serves its place in helping you achieve your version of the American Dream.

Of course, we don’t believe that the American dream is all about the things we own, but rather about the way we choose to live and the adventures we choose to pursue. Still, sometimes having the right gear helps in that regard.

We hope to provide some insight to make your daily adventures easier, and when it is time to relax and enjoy the sunset, we can provide some insight to help with that.


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