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Texas Business Directory


Texas Business Directory

Texas Business Directory is a service by Pro-Advice. It allows your business to be listed in the Texas directory of Business for free. You can chose to further advertise, create coupons, develop local Texas leads & customers, be listed in the map, list and advertise your upcoming events and many other things.

The directory allows you to find local Texas small business, restaurants, hotels, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, doctors, veterinaries, Texas registered agents, translators, notary public, transport companies, truck drivers, dealerships, warehouses and more. Provide reviews and comments about their experience with those companies & find local events.

Generate your listing with us, and start developing your local Texas leads & customers right away. It is the most cost effective way to list your events, announcements, push out coupons, get clients to set up appointments with you, etc.  Almost like having a mini website at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in community service, so if you are a community service non-profit, state school government entity providing services to the community, or a church group, please feel free to email us separately and we would like to extend you the tool sets free of charge. Please email us we simply need to verify your non-profit status, and your community service before approving the free accounts.

"A simple and responsive website that provides flexibility for your listings and ads."

A service of professional advice

The Texas Business Directory is a business and event listing, marketing and advertising service provided by Professional Advice (Alias: Pro-Advice).  All invoices, billing and charges will come from Professional advice.

Professional Advice
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