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Listing & Subscription Rules

Our website Rules

New and updated subscriptions, listings, and images are reviewed by our team daily for compliance. Violators are denied and deleted...

This is a professional website, and is privately owned.  You are granted access with the express intent of conducting a professional, business related exchange.  You are expected to follow the simple rules of this website, and conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Questionable business practices such as spamming, “bate and switch” marketing tactics, fraud or promoting anything illegal or unethical will not be tolerate.  This rules are for the protection of  its subscribers and businesses listing in the website.

“Chaos and mayhem thrive in a world without basic rules…”

Subscription Rules

  2. You most be the owner or an authorized representative of the company to subscribe.
  3. You must use your company contact information in the subscription and listing.
  4. Emails must be operational and either use the domain associated with the website, or use an email listed and easily found in the website contact page for confirmation.
  5. Contact Numbers and other links must be associated directly to the website of the business

Listing Rules

  1. Listings or claim most be authorized by the business owner or management.
  2. Listing Description or Remarks section of the listing WILL NOT contain, ANY contact information, nor any web-links what so ever.  
  3. The email used on the listing and the subscription must be operational and either use the domain associated with the website, or use an email listed and easily found in the website for confirmation.
  4. Listings will not contain any cursing, abusive language, nor anything considered illegal.
  5. No listings of narcotics, drugs, medicines of any kind are authorized in this website.
  6. No illicit/illegal material of any kind is allowed in this website.  When found, it will be shared with authorities immediately and in full.

Images Rules

  1. Will not contain contact information of any sort
  2. Must look professional.
  3. No sexual material
  4. Nothing Illegal nor improper

Behavior Rules

  1. No cursing
  2. No abusive behavior
  3. No sexual innuendo’s
  4. No spamming others
  5. No illegal behavior of any kind will be tolerated