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We are Blue Sky Advertisement, a dedicated Digital Marketing Company proudly based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our mission is to empower small to medium-sized businesses by maximizing their digital marketing potential. We find immense satisfaction in boosting our clients’ revenue and putting more money into their pockets. Our commitment to this goal is what drives our passion and dedication every day.

In an industry often marred by unreliable “SEO” and “Google Ad Managers” who fail small business owners, we aim to be the change. We are genuinely concerned about the misleading practices that harm businesses and are determined to make a positive impact. Our company was founded in 2019, right around the onset of the pandemic, a challenging time that underscored the importance of resilient and effective digital marketing strategies.

Our journey began with a pawn shop, our very first client, whose profits we helped quadruple in just five months. This early success story set the tone for our approach: results-driven, transparent, and client-focused. We pride ourselves on our honesty and openness, readily admitting when a strategy isn’t working and pivoting to find a better solution. This transparency is a cornerstone of our client relationships.

To maintain strong communication and trust, we hold weekly update meetings with all our clients. These regular check-ins ensure that clients are always in the loop about their campaigns’ progress and can provide feedback. At Blue Sky Advertisement, we believe that keeping our clients informed and engaged is crucial to achieving the best outcomes and fostering long-term partnerships.


Q How much does your digital marketing package cost?

We start at $1500 which includes Google Ads Management, Website Management, SEO, Copy Writing, and GMB account optimizations.


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