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Texas Business Directory Claimed

Where you find the best companies in Texas...

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Texas Business Directory
Texas Business Directory
Texas Business Directory
Excellent !!!
Texas Business Directory

Texas Business Directory

The Texas Business Directory is a service provided by Pro-Advice. It allows your business to be listed in the Texas Directory of Business for free. You can also choose to upgrade to a professional listing that will further advertise your business, allow you to create coupons, develop local Texas leads & customers, be listed in the map, list and advertise your upcoming events amongst many other things.

The listing provides also provides the public a venue to place a review of their experience with any company in the directory. Texas small business, restaurants, hotels, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, doctors, veterinaries, Texas registered agents, translators, notary public, transport companies, truck drivers, dealerships, warehouses and more. Let others know about your experience with the company you are reviewing.


The premium listings include:

  • Contact information
  • Google map
  • video
  • Gallery
  • Tagline
  • Location
  • Website
  • Appointments
  • Lead Form
  • Social Media links
  • FAQs list
  • Price Range
  • Tags or Keywords
  • Business Hours
  • Reserva Booking
  • Timekit Booking
  • Menu
  • Announcement
  • Deals, Offers, Discounts
  • Competitor campaigns on Listing Detail Page
  • Events in listings
  • Hide Google Ads

5 Star Rating

"This is a super inexpressive way for me to advertise my small business.  Starting out is hard to invest in any advertisement, and this website affords me a perfect way to do so at a low cost."

John Doe


"A great way to to advertise my home business without spending a lot.  The listing serves almost as a website like they say.  You can even set up a way to take on appointments.  I would definitely recommend"


Business Owner

"I am very happy with my business listing.  It was a little complicated in my opinion to initially get set up, but once done...  great product at a great price."



"Was a little hesitant at first due to the low cost.  But, decided to to give it a try with one of our LLCs and quickly found that that it a great inexpensive way to list our LLCs.  Now we list all of them here. Highly recommended.   

John Doe

Corporate Officer