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Texas Business Directory
Texas Business Directory
Texas Business Directory
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The Texas Business Directory is a service provided by Pro-Advice. It allows your business to be listed in the Texas Directory of Business for free. You can also choose to upgrade to a professional listing that will further advertise your business, allow you to create coupons, develop local Texas leads & customers, be listed in the map, list and advertise your upcoming events amongst many other things.

The listing provides also provides the public a venue to place a review of their experience with any company in the directory. Texas small business, restaurants, hotels, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, doctors, veterinaries, Texas registered agents, translators, notary public, transport companies, truck drivers, dealerships, warehouses and more. Let others know about your experience with the company you are reviewing.


  1. Gold Plan: Barring any ongoing offers.  The cost is $12.00 plus State Tax (See our Pricing Tab)
  2. Platinum Plan: Barring any ongoing offers.  The cost is $34.00 plus State Tax (See our Pricing Tab)

The difference between our “Gold Plan” and our “Platinum Plan” is nothing more than who does the work?  Both plans offer the exact same premium features, how ever with the Full Service plan, we do all the work for you and add some of features or customizations that can only be enhanced through the back end by our professional staff.

The premium listings include:

  • Contact information
  • Google map
  • video
  • Gallery
  • Tagline
  • Location
  • Website
  • Appointments
  • Lead Form
  • Social Media links
  • FAQs list
  • Price Range
  • Tags or Keywords
  • Business Hours
  • Reserva Booking
  • Timekit Booking
  • Menu
  • Announcement
  • Deals, Offers, Discounts
  • Competitor campaigns on Listing Detail Page
  • Events in listings
  • Hide Google Ads

Texas Business Directory Contact
Texas Business Directory Contact