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Unicorn Moving is an Austin moving & storage company serving the Austin area. Our movers understand that relocating is a very difficult process and will do what they can to make the transition for you as easy as possible. 


Q Can you help me if I move long distance?

The Austin moving experts at Unicorn are committed to handling your moving needs regardless of the distance you need to travel. The same crew that picks up your belongings from your old home will drop them off at your new one.

One of the advantages of choosing Unicorn Moving & Storage is that we handle one client at a time. Unlike other moving services, we will not transport another client’s belongings long-distance with yours, so there is no chance for a mix-up. Our trucks go directly from your old home to wherever you are moving.

Q Do you offer commercial moving services?

At Unicorn Moving & Storage, we understand that businesses outgrow their offices over time and must relocate. We also realize that time is money, so our experienced moving experts are committed to packing, moving, and setting up all of your commercial property in a timely manner.

We offer packing and relocation services for all of your office furniture and equipment. We will help you through all of the stages of the moving process. We carry a $2 million liability policy, so your property is covered should anything get damaged during the moving process.

Q Do You Offer Free Estimates?

At Unicorn Moving, we understand that saving money is incredibly important to you. That is why we offer free estimates, so that you know how much the job will cost before you have to commit. We understand that cost is crucial, and we pride ourselves on being as up-front, honest, and accurate as possible.

Q Do you offer moving services for valuable items?

Unicorn Moving & Storage is prepared to handle all your moving needs. If you have expensive artwork, first edition books, or other valuable belongings, our experienced movers will relocate your valuables with care.

In addition to providing relocation services for your valuable items, they will be insured at a rate of $0.60 per pound. Unicorn Moving and Storage also offers the option to purchase increased carrier liability. Our dedicated staff can also help you find additional insurance from third-party vendors.

Q Do you offer packing services?

Yes. The packers of Unicorn Moving & Storage believe that careful packing is an essential part of a successful move. Our experienced packers are trained to safely pack your belongings, regardless of size, value, or fragility. We offer packing services for both residential and commercial property.

We offer a wide range of packing materials and will buy your boxes back for 30% of their original value after you unpack. Additionally, we offer free wardrobe boxes, and we can also pack your items in crates and shrink wrap your furniture to protect it during the moving process.

Q Do You Offer Same-Day Delivery?

At Unicorn Moving, we pride ourselves on our word, and that means providing same-day delivery not just within Austin, but throughout much of Texas. We offer daily service to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and many other Texas cities. We move you the day we tell you, with no excuses, and we provide same-day pickup and delivery throughout most of Texas.


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