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By Professional Advice (ProAdvice) – 16 June 2024

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Starting and managing a business can be a daunting task, especially if you’re navigating it on your own. Fortunately, Texas offers a wealth of resources to help entrepreneurs succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, there are numerous organizations that provide free education and counseling services. This guide will walk you through the key resources available in Texas to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)

Overview of SBDCs

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are a nationwide network of centers funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and local partners. In Texas, SBDCs provide free one-on-one counseling, training workshops, and a variety of resources to help small business owners start and grow their businesses.

Services Offered by SBDCs

  • Business Planning: SBDCs can assist you in developing a comprehensive business plan, which is crucial for securing financing and guiding your business operations.

  • Market Research: Access to detailed market research and industry data to help you understand your target market and competition.

  • Financial Management: Guidance on financial planning, budgeting, and cash flow management to ensure your business stays financially healthy.

  • Marketing Strategies: Advice on effective marketing strategies, including digital marketing, social media, and traditional advertising.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Help with understanding and complying with local, state, and federal regulations that affect your business.

How to Access SBDC Services

To access the services of an SBDC, visit the Texas SBDC Network website and locate the center nearest to you. You can schedule an appointment for counseling or sign up for upcoming workshops and training sessions.

SCORE Mentors

Overview of SCORE

SCORE is a nonprofit organization that partners with the SBA to provide free mentoring and education to small business owners. With a network of experienced business professionals, SCORE offers invaluable insights and support to help you succeed.

Services Offered by SCORE

  • One-on-One Mentoring: Personalized mentoring sessions with experienced business professionals who can offer advice tailored to your specific needs.

  • Workshops and Webinars: A variety of workshops and webinars covering topics such as business planning, marketing, finance, and more.

  • Resource Library: Access to a vast library of templates, tools, and articles to help you manage different aspects of your business.

How to Access SCORE Services

You can find a SCORE mentor or sign up for workshops and webinars by visiting the SCORE website. Simply enter your location to find the nearest SCORE chapter and connect with a mentor or register for events.

Women’s Business Centers (WBCs)

Overview of WBCs

Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) are designed to assist women in starting and growing their own businesses. These centers provide a range of services including training, counseling, and access to financing opportunities.

Services Offered by WBCs

  • Business Training: Workshops and seminars on various aspects of business management, tailored to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs.

  • Counseling: One-on-one business counseling to help you navigate challenges and develop strategies for growth.

  • Networking Opportunities: Events and programs designed to connect you with other women entrepreneurs and potential business partners.

  • Access to Capital: Assistance with finding and applying for loans, grants, and other funding opportunities.

How to Access WBC Services

To access the services provided by WBCs, visit the Association of Women’s Business Centers website to find a center near you. You can also check out their events calendar for upcoming training sessions and networking events.

Veteran Business Outreach Centers (VBOCs)

Overview of VBOCs

Veteran Business Outreach Centers (VBOCs) are dedicated to helping veterans, active-duty service members, and their families start and grow businesses. These centers offer specialized services to address the unique challenges faced by veteran entrepreneurs.

Services Offered by VBOCs

  • Entrepreneurial Training: Workshops and training programs specifically designed for veterans, covering topics such as business planning, marketing, and finance.

  • Business Counseling: One-on-one counseling to help you develop your business idea and overcome obstacles.

  • Resource Referrals: Connections to additional resources and organizations that can support your business journey.

  • Access to Funding: Guidance on finding and securing funding, including SBA loans and grants specifically for veterans.

How to Access VBOC Services

To find a Veteran Business Outreach Center near you, visit the SBA website and search for VBOC locations. You can also contact them directly to schedule a counseling session or sign up for training programs.

Texas Economic Development Corporation (TxEDC)

Overview of TxEDC

The Texas Economic Development Corporation (TxEDC) is a public-private partnership that promotes business development and economic growth in Texas. While their primary focus is on attracting new businesses to the state, they also provide valuable resources for existing businesses.

Services Offered by TxEDC

  • Business Development Resources: Information and tools to help you start and grow your business in Texas.

  • Export Assistance: Support for businesses looking to expand into international markets, including export training and trade mission opportunities.

  • Funding Opportunities: Information on state and federal funding programs available to Texas businesses.

How to Access TxEDC Services

Visit the Texas Economic Development Corporation website for more information on the resources and programs they offer. You can also contact them directly for personalized assistance.

Local Chambers of Commerce

Overview of Chambers of Commerce

Local chambers of commerce are valuable resources for business owners, offering networking opportunities, business support services, and advocacy on behalf of the business community.

Services Offered by Chambers of Commerce

  • Networking Events: Regular events where you can connect with other business owners, potential customers, and local leaders.

  • Business Workshops: Educational workshops on various business topics, often featuring expert speakers and panelists.

  • Advocacy: Representation of your business interests at the local, state, and federal levels.

  • Business Resources: Access to directories, market data, and other resources to help you grow your business.

How to Access Chamber of Commerce Services

To get involved with your local chamber of commerce, visit their website and explore membership options. Many chambers offer different levels of membership, each with its own set of benefits and services.

Texas State Agencies

Overview of State Agencies

Several state agencies in Texas provide resources and support for small business owners. These agencies offer everything from regulatory guidance to funding opportunities.

Key State Agencies and Their Services

  • Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts: Provides information on state taxes, permits, and licenses required to operate a business in Texas.

  • Texas Workforce Commission (TWC): Offers workforce development services, including hiring assistance, training programs, and labor market information.

  • Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA): Supports agricultural businesses with resources and funding opportunities.

How to Access State Agency Services

Visit the websites of the relevant state agencies to explore the resources they offer. You can also contact them directly for specific inquiries and assistance.

Online Resources and E-Learning

Overview of Online Resources

In addition to in-person support, there are numerous online resources available to help you start and manage your business. These resources include e-learning platforms, webinars, and virtual counseling sessions.

Key Online Resources

  • SBA Learning Center: Offers a variety of online courses and webinars on topics such as business planning, financing, and marketing.

  • Texas Wide Open for Business: The state’s official economic development portal, providing resources and information for businesses at all stages.

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation: Provides online resources and tools for business owners, including educational materials and webinars.

How to Access Online Resources

To take advantage of these online resources, visit the respective websites and explore their offerings. Many platforms allow you to register for free courses and webinars, providing flexibility and convenience for busy entrepreneurs.


Starting and managing a business in Texas is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By leveraging the free education and counseling services available, you can equip yourself with the knowledge and support needed to succeed. From SBDCs and SCORE mentors to WBCs, VBOCs, and local chambers of commerce, Texas offers a wealth of resources to help you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Take advantage of these opportunities to build a strong foundation for your business and achieve your goals.

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